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Boss Heavy Duty Construction For The Ultimate Aluminium Ute Tray

Tray Design

Our Aluminium Ute Trays come in two versions, premium and M-Spec. Both are extremely durable and built to the same quality however the Premium Tray offers a few extra options such as a sheet metal headboard which opens up extra functionality, tapered under body boxes, larger under tray draw, fuel filler through the side of the tray and extra customization to allow it to be tailored to your needs.

M-Spec and Premium Trays do have a lot of cross functionality, you do not sacrifice quality when selecting an M-Spec Tray. As with all M-Spec products the M-Spec tray is fully modular, under body boxes can be added along with many other features.

Aluminium Tray Construction

Made here in Australia from superior-grade aluminium, our aluminium trays are strong, corrosion resistant, and built to last. All Boss Trays are aluminium and have been constructed in a way that allows them to take a beating. Built to last in the tough Australian conditions with over 20 years of development and product refining.

Every Boss Alloy Tray is backed with a lifetime workmanship warranty so you can rest easy knowing your trays construction is second to none.

Designed to last and provide the maximum usable storage possible both M-Spec and Premium Trays are some of the best in the industry.

M-Spec Tray Under Body Box

M-Spec Under Body Boxes provide a large storage area and are a must have when building your Boss Tray.


Premium Ute Tray Under Body Box

Premium Under Body Boxes are larger and have a tapered design to keep your alloy tray looking sleek.


Under Tray Draw

Our Under Tray Draws can come with or without a table. This design is another example of where keeping it simple is best.

Aluminium Tray Compatibility

All aluminium ute trays at Boss are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles, this includes vehicles with JMACX Kits, Ute Conversions and 6×6 conversions.

We also utilise trusted brands such as Stedi, ARB and LED Autolamps.

Boss Built
aluminium ute tray to suit a chopped 200 series landcruiser