4495 Conversion

Available for Dual Cab LC200 and Dual Cab LC79. Chassis extension, coil conversion and track correction. The JMACX 4495 Kit is unrivalled in its class for Dual Cab 79 series and 200 series, this is a complete solution.

Highest GVM available for a light vehicle licence.

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6×6 Conversion

Available for Dual Cab LC200 and Dual Cab LC79. If you need the highest GVM possible with the maximum amount of space the 6×6 is the one for you.

These can be built to a 4495 GVM or built all the way to a 6000 GVM for the LC200 and 5800 GVM for the LC79.

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Coil Conversion

Available for 2007-present 79 series, 78 series and 76 series only. Utilising the class leading JMACX bolt in coil conversion kit you can reach a GVM of 4200. Track correction is included in this kit, it can also be optioned with coil assist air bags and premium shock absorbers.

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GVM and GCM Upgrade

All information below is relevant to Victorian regulations.

Can I upgrade my GVM Post Rego?

Yes, GVM upgrades can be done both pre and post rego.

Can I upgrade my GCM Post Rego?

No, unless its a 6×6 conversion. To upgrade your GCM it must be done pre registration. GCM upgrades are available on 6×6 conversions as the vehicle is reclassified.

Can I go a 4″ lift and 35’s?

Only if it is pre registration. You can go to a maximum of a 2″ lift and 33’s post registration.

How do I upgrade my BTC?

Upgrading your BTC depends on the kit you use. The 4495 kit and the 6×6 conversion introduce a new rear chassis which is designed to be able to tow loads up to 4000kg with the 4495 GVM upgrades and 4500kg in the 5800 GVM 6×6 conversion. On a 79 series you must upgrade your brake booster and transmission upgrades are also required, this ranges from an upgraded heavy duty clutch to an auto conversion depending on the requirements. These are included in the 4495 kits apart from the auto conversion which is only required for a 5800 GVM. Power upgrades are recommended but not necessary.

Which one do I need?

This depends on what you are planning on using your vehicle for. Do you need the extra GVM or GCM? Do you need more space for a bigger tray and canopy to fit all your gear? Do you want more comfort and better on-road handling?

What are the benefits of a coil conversion?

The main benefit of a coil conversion is the heightened comfort and GVM upgrade. All JMACX Coil Conversion kits incorporate track correction vastly improving the handling of the vehicle.

At what point do I need a heavy vehicle licence?

A heavy vehicle licence is required for vehicles with a 4500 GVM and up.


GVM: Gross Vehicle Mass, the total your vehicle can legally weigh on the road under any circumstances.

GCM: Gross Combined Mass, the total your vehicle and trailer can weigh together under any circumstances. Your GCM is not your GVM plus BTC.

BTC: Braked Towing Capacity, maximum loaded mass of a braked trailer that can be towed by your vehicle under any circumstances.

Pre Rego: Vehicle is brand new and has not yet been registered. Modifications are completed and engineered then the vehicle is registered.

Post Rego: Vehicle is currently registered.