Premium design which follows the 79 Series body lines. The standard 79 Series is not compatible with front Under Body Boxes.


The Premium Tray is designed for the larger vehicles and matches the style of the American vehicles that are becoming more popular here in Australia.


200 Series chops have a wide range of sizing, we can cater for all the different chops and chassis extensions that are available for the 200 Series.

Included Tray Features

  • 95 Litre Tapered Rear Under Body Boxes With Shelving
  • 175 Litre Under Tray Drawer Including Removable Table Top
  •  Front Under Body Boxes To Suit Vehicle (Standard LC79 Not Included)
  •  Premium Tapered 1 Piece Mudguards
  •  70 Litre Under-tray food-grade poly water tank
  •  Tap Activated 12V Pump
  •  76mm Tubular Headboard With Cab Protection Mesh and Heavy Duty Uprights
  •  4mm Heavy-Duty Checker-Plate Deck
  •  Deck Integrated Tie-Down Points
  •  Tray-Integrated Lockable Fuel-Filler
  •  Stedi Reverse Assist Floodlights
  •  Ripple Black Powder Coating
  •  Protective decals
  •  Eberhard 3 Point Compression Locking System
  •  Rear Hoop Sockets
  •  Designed for use with our canopy and half canopy range
  •  Compatible with modified chassis’ and ute conversions.
  •  Features Boss Aluminium’s strong, yet flexible construction design
  •  Made from CNC profile cut and folded, marine-grade aluminium
  •  TIG and synergic twin-pulse MIG welded

Optional Tray Extras

  •  Multifunction Sheet Metal headboard
  •  Central Locking
  •  Rear hoop
  •  Headboard Stainless Water Tank

Optional Sheet Metal Multifunction Headboard

The optional sheet metal multifunction headboard opens up a variety of accessories that can be added such as:

  • Side and rear lighting
  • Custom headboard mesh
  • Fuel or water filler integrated into the headboard
  • Optional 85L headboard water tank
Premium tray headboard

Diesel and AdBlue Filler

Boss Aluminium F Tray Work Lights

Side Lighting

LC tray headbaord

Optional Headboard Water Tank

Cross Compatibility

The Premium Trays are cross compatible with M-Spec Canopies to suit the needs of any 4WD application.

All Boss products are 100% Australian made.