The Next Gen Premium Tray

Boss Aluminium, a long established Australian designer
and manufacturer of commercial vehicle and 4×4
accessories, recently announced design changes to
the M-Spec Ute tray range. The additional features and
enhancements have also been applied to the Premium
line up.


All of the Boss Aluminium Tray range now share the same deck. The new design includes a revised multi-purpose tie rail design for maximum tie down flexibility along with a new aesthetic. Additionally, the tray deck offers the Boss Grid System for more future tie down options.


The Multi-Function Sheet Metal Headboard brings style and features to the Premium Tray line up. The stronger bolt-on headboard with mesh is more practical for work or play. An 85L headboard water tank is also available.


Powder coating at Boss Aluminium is now being completed in-house! All trays now come with a powder coated deck and full underside where previously this did not happen. Boss is confident this added feature will provide greater longevity and improve the quality of the workmanship.


Boss Aluminium is constantly developing new ways to improve the customer experience with every product offered. This new tray design enables the ultimate ability to futureproof the setup on your vehicle. With provisions for pretty much any accessory, the tray offers a platform to suit everyone’s needs. The Boss design team have been hard at work ensuring the Next Gen Tray’s satisfy the needs of customers whilst offering a new aesthetic that owners will love.

Boss Aluminium is now completing the powder coating of all products in-house. What does this mean for customers? The team is confident in the quality of the powder coat we use in addition to the pre-treatment all products receive that exceeds Australian standards. Overall, providing a much stronger adhesion to the aluminium and creating a protective layer, lasting longer than traditional powder coating methods. For the Boss products, this means 100% of trays and canopies are powder coated, something that did not occur in the past.

The team are confident customers will love the updates made to the range. Get in touch today for a quote for your vehicle!



Premium design which follows the 79 Series body lines. The standard 79 Series is not compatible with front Under Body Boxes.

Dodge Ram Boss Tray


The Premium Tray is designed for the larger vehicles and matches the style of the American vehicles that are becoming more popular here in Australia.

Series Boss Tray


200 and 300 Series chops come in a wide range of sizing. We can cater for all the different chops and chassis extensions that are available for the 200/300 Series.