70 Series Coil COnversion

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The Toyota 70 Series LandCruiser is widely regarded as the most reliable and capable four-wheel-drive available in Australia.

While its rear, leaf pack sprung, solid axle suspension has proven rugged durability, Boss Aluminium offers a more modern, coil conversion package.

JMACX coil conversions were initially developed by JMACX Off Road Solutions in Queensland. Since the initial product release, Boss Aluminium has played an integral role in its continual development and evolvement. Finite Element Analysis overseen by AEV has also paved the way to register the kit for Second Stage Manufacturing (SSM), which includes complete ADR compliance.


Visit the JMACX website for more in-depth information on their coil conversions/GVM upgrades. Alternatively get in touch by calling our reception or sending our sales team an email.

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  • Conversion Frame Including Chassis Reinforcement, Coil Towers, Control Arm Mounts And Panhard Mount
  • Lower Control Arm Mounts
  • Adjustable Control Arms & Panhard
  • Control Arm Mounts Or Boss (Depending On Model)
  • Heavy-Duty Sway Bar And Linkage
  • JMACX Pro Series Shocks
  • Coil Retainers
  • Bump Stops



  • Heavy Duty Fabricated Diff Housing (With Track To Match Front Axles)
  • Chromoly Axles 
  • Brake Lines
  • ADR Compliant In All States
  • Available With Up To 4 Inches Of Lift
  • Individually Fitted And Engineer Certified At Our Bayswater Facility
  • Compatible With Boss Trays And Canopies


  • JMACX Alpha Remote-Reservoir Shocks (Manual or Electric)
  • Coil-Helper Airbags


  • Boss Long-Range Fuel Tank Co-Developed With Brown Davis
  • Boss Auxiliary Fuel Tank Co-Developed With Brown Davis
  • Stainless Steel 3″ Exhaust

Upgrade Everything

70 series LandCruisers from 2007 onwards have been delivered from the factory with a rear wheel track 100mm narrower than the front. The JMACX coil conversion includes a fabricated diff housing and chromoly axles that matches the front axle track. This improves stability on sealed roads, soft surfaces and in dry wheel ruts.

Second Stage Manufacturing allows the kit to be installed pre-registration and equipped with an SSM modification plate, a vehicle is legal to register in any state without further approval.

The kit is legally capable of up to 4 inches of lift above standard height, and can be engineered with the use of 35 inch tyres. Due to the nature of the system’s second stage manufacturing registration, the engineering certification of each kit installation does not require a swerve test.

The kit is designed to distribute spring load evenly through the chassis, this reinforcement means that airbag coil helpers can be utilised without risk of bending or cracking the vehicle’s chassis. It also features heavy duty driveline componentry such as chromoly axles. Due to these design features, vehicles with the kit installed are capable of GVM upgrades to 4200kg.