The Boss built program

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Dreaming of the ultimate ute rig? From the mobile tradesperson with a vision to the family embarking on an overland adventure, we can deliver a full build that seamlessly integrates everything you need.

With wide ranging experience in fitting out both commercial and recreational utes, we have the know-how to put together a vehicle that ticks all your boxes – from premium aluminium parts to secure storage solutions and specialised vehicle modifications.  

The JMACX 4495 conversion gives you the highest GVM on a light vehicle licence as well as increasing towing to 4000kg. The JMACX 4495 system introduces a brand new chassis vastly upgrading the strength of the original chassis.

4495 Conversion

6×6 vehicles are king of the off-road. Six-wheel-drives are utilised by militaries around the world, including the Australian Defence Force. They offer unmatched off-road capability, payload capacity and towing capability.

6x6 Conversion

The Toyota 70 Series LandCruiser is widely regarded as the most reliable and capable four-wheel-drive available in Australia. While its rear, leaf pack sprung, solid axle suspension has proven rugged durability, Boss Aluminium offers a more modern, coil conversion package.

70 series Coil Conversion