Boss Aluminium Capability Statement

For over 2 decades we have been committed to excellence in delivering the best quality, 100% Australian made products. Our dedication to innovation and quality with our cutting-edge facilities have established Boss Aluminium as a key player in the manufacturing industry. 

CAD Design

At Boss Aluminium every single product we produce has started its life in CAD. This ensures the best prototyping and product design possible. CAD ties in and integrates a range our manufacturing processes to ensure end-to-end consistent quality.


3D Scanning

3D scanning allows for the measurement of complex geometries in a wide variety of applications. Our Artec Leo scanner can allow for measurements down to 0.2mm which can be imported into CAD programming for design and prototyping. This is the perfect solution for taking complex measurements and reverse engineering products to fit into existing spaces like car chassis and engine bays.

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Laser Cutting

Our precision laser cutting services sit amongst the best engineering firms in Australia. Our LVD Phoenix Fibre Laser Cutter is highly versatile for a variety of jobs requiring precision and quality with sheet metal. Paired with automated pallet loading, we can produce large batch laser cutting on sheets up to 4×2 meters with a range of thicknesses up to 30mm.


Brake Press Bending

At Boss, we use the advanced LVD Easy Form Brake Press Bender integrated with CAD-based manufacturing. Capable of handling sheets up to 3×2.6 meters, our machines efficiently process materials like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, Copper, and High-Strength Steel, meeting a wide range of manufacturing needs.

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Robotic Brake Press Bending

Our recent introduction of the Bystronic Mobile Bending Robot paired with the Xpert 80 Brake Press Bender brings a new front in efficiency and automation. This is the ideal process for larger batches of tedious jobs, speeding up the process up to 10x quicker than traditional brake press bending. 

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Panel Bending

For automated larger scale bending of sheet metal panels, our Salvagnini P4L Panel Bender offers optimal efficiency and precision in sheet metal forming. Our Panel bender benefits from CAD integration and will complete a range of bends on the one piece of sheet metal changing tooling and angles on the go. 

Welding & Fabrication

Boss offers in-house welding and fabricating services for standard and complex projects, delivering high-quality products by certified and experienced welders. We provide fabrication solutions including MIG, TIG, welding applicable to Aluminium and Stainless Steel.

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Powder Coating

Our powder coating facilities sit amongst the best. Much of this comes down to the prep work with our multi-stage dip process. This process includes cleaning, degreasing, etching, treatment and rinsing to ensure there are no foreign substances and the product surface is completely raw for the best adhesion possible. Additionally, our dip treatment enables us to use chrome-free powder coating, a safer and more environmentally friendly option that reduces carcinogens and minimizes our environmental footprint.

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Manufacturing for your Business

Partner with Boss Aluminium, where cutting-edge technology meets decades of expertise. Our state-of-the-art facilities and stringent processes ensure superior quality and durability in every product. From automotive to construction and beyond, we offer custom solutions that drive industry standards.

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