Tray Storage

The Boss Aluminium Next Gen M-Spec tray range offers the ultimate modular tray solution to suit your needs. The tray deck allows for components to be added over time such as under tray boxes, drawers and canopies.

M-Spec Under Body Boxes

Utilising the Unistrut channels underneath the tray deck, these under body boxes attach with ease and offer a optimal storage solution for your tray. The boxes are central locking compatible and large enough to house an air compressor. Front under body boxes available to suit extra cab and single cab vehicles.

M-Spec Under Tray Drawer

The under tray drawer offers the ultimate form of storage for your Boss Aluminium tray. Incorporating lock-out latches, a removable table top and being central locking compatible, this drawer is a must have for your tray. Drawer length varies based on under tray configuration and length of tray.

Water Storage

Utilising empty space within your tray for water storage provides the ultimate touring solution for those that don’t want to compromise their tray storage for water.

70L Poly Under-Tray Water Tank

40L Poly Headboard Water Tank

Other Accessories

Below are multiple accessories we offer for our M-Spec Trays. Please enquire with our sales team as to whether these components are compatible with our Premium Tray.

M-Spec Tray Sides

Can be altered to suit canopy.

Headboard Spare Wheel Clamp Kit

Come standard with 79 Series tray due to loss of factory spare wheel mount.

Removable Rear Ladder Bar

Available with or without ladder pins.

Under Body Box Lighting

Internal lighting for when you need to access your storage at night.

Under Tray Storage Carpet

CAD designed and cut to suit our tray boxes and drawer.

12V Water Pump

Compatible with any of our water tank options.