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M-Spec Trays and Canopies

M-Spec is a culmination of research and development, innovative engineering and BA’s 20 years experience in developing custom tray and canopy solutions. Based off our custom solution platform, the new design releases the full potential of modular functionality, future proofing any investment into a Boss Aluminium product.

M-Spec is a new modular system which allows you to add, swap and remove components as required

  • M-Spec Tray and Canopy Packages are a cost-effective tray and canopy solution, equipped with the most popular configurations.
  • Add components, modules or accessories from the M-Spec Component Catalogue with the initial order or when your budget allows.
  • M-Spec Tray Packages are available with the M-Spec Classic Rail Option and in either a Flatbed or Full Tray.
    Canopy packages are currently available for 3/4 canopies.

Download the M-Spec Catalogue

M-Spec Price List



Industry Leading M-Spec Range

Future proof your setup with this uniquely modular design.