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Boss Modifications

Need extreme performance from your LandCruiser? Whether you’re moving loads in challenging conditions or a seasoned offroad driver taking on ultra-rough terrains, our specialised modifications offer enhanced handling, stability and more.

Heavy duty loads and driving conditions all call for a higher level of vehicle stability, weight distribution, capacity, and driver control. Our range of modifications are able to lift your LandCruiser’s performance to meet these demands. We can advise you on your vehicle’s compatibility with our modification options.

We offer:

  • Coil Conversion
    A JMACX coil conversion can enhance handling, stability and control while carrying heavy loads in your Toyota 70 series LandCruiser. We can also upgrade your vehicle’s GVM to increase its safe weight-bearing capacity.
  • Chassis Extensions
    Our auto engineers can extend your LandCruiser’s chassis so you can move bigger loads while retaining strong handling and stability. A longer chassis means more surface area to position your gear, which translates to enhanced weight distribution.
  • 4495 Conversions
    The JMACX 4495 conversion kit gives you the highest GVM on a light vehicle licence as well as increasing towing to 4000kg. The JMACX 4495 system introduces a brand new chassis giving you vastly upgrading the strength of the original chassis. Incorporated is a coil conversion and a 300mm chassis extension, we can also legally go to a 4 inch lift and 35 inch tyres with this conversion.
  • 6×6 Conversions
    We convert Toyota 70 and 200 series LandCruisers to 6×6, resulting in all-terrain vehicles with extreme load-moving capabilities. We can also increase towing capacity using the JMACX system, and perform GVM upgrades from 4495kg up to 6300kg.


We can advise you on transforming your LandCruiser into a next-level offroad load mover. Contact Boss Aluminium today to learn more.