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Boss Modifications

Need extreme performance from your ute to get the job done? We offer a range of modifications for compatible LandCruiser models to support the most heavy duty load moving in challenging conditions.

We have expertise in several advanced modification technologies that can enhance your vehicle’s power, stability, handling and load carrying capacity. This enables moving specialised loads through rugged terrains with ease.

We’re equipped to carry out the following modifications:

Coil Conversion
We do JMACX coil conversions for Toyota 70 series LandCruisers. This modification improves handling, stability and comfort in tough terrains, and increases your vehicle’s performance while carrying heavy loads. We can also upgrade the GVM of your vehicle to increase your vehicle’s safe weight-bearing capacity.

Chassis Extensions
We can extend your LandCruiser’s chassis to improve load distribution for better handling in all conditions. A longer chassis means more surface area to distribute your load on, so you can move more equipment with ease.

6×6 Conversions
Need extreme all-terrain and load-moving capabilities? We can convert Toyota 70 and 200 series LandCruisers to 6×6. We also perform GVM upgrades from 4495kg up to 6300kg, and increase towing capacity using the JMACX system.

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We can advise you on taking your LandCruiser’s power to the next level to create the ultimate off-road load mover. Explore the possibilities - contact Boss Aluminium today.