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Boss Full Vehicle Builds

Got something special in mind? Let Boss put together a recreational vehicle that incorporates all the features you’re looking for. We’ll build your dream ute to last, with high quality construction, functional design and a pro finish.

From our premium aluminium hardware to custom battery management systems and engine power upgrades, we understand how to put together a recreational ute that has it all.

Custom elements that we can incorporate into your build include:

  • Tray and canopy/service body with choice of aluminium finishes, such as chequer/propeller plate and powder coating
  • Storage such as tool boxes, underbody boxes, drawer systems
  • Roof bars and racks
  • Modifications such as coil conversions and chassis extensions (for compatible LandCruiser models)
  • Fuel tanks and water tanks (including under tray systems)
  • Power upgrades and specialised battery management systems
  • Lighting, power outlets and central locking
  • Camp kitchen setups, sliding fridge access, ramps, vents and more

We use only the highest quality components and materials. All body and storage elements are constructed here in Australia from corrosion-resistant aluminium. Covered areas are expertly welded to keep out moisture and dust.

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We can put together your dream ute to support your one-of-a-kind adventure style. Contact Boss Aluminium today to discuss your needs.