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Boss Canopies

Need tough coverage and secure equipment storage for your trade or service vehicle? We create aluminium canopies that transform the functionality of your ute, offering load security and protection tailored to the needs of your business.

Our canopies are designed to keep your tools and equipment fully protected in all conditions, including wet and dusty environments, as well as organised, accessible and professionally managed. We can also fit custom details to create a highly functional service body. Customisation options include:

  • Sizes and tray placements
  • Door arrangements
  • Internal dividing walls
  • Specialised storage and drawer systems
  • Power outlets, lighting and security systems
  • Water tanks and pumps
  • Spare wheel carriers
  • Gas bottle holders

We can build canopies to fit any ute tray, including our own custom trays, as well as those included as standard in popular utes models.

Our canopies are made in Australia from the highest quality aluminium in a variety of textured finishes, including flat sheet, propeller plate and chequer plate. We also offer powder coating or 2PAC painting as finishing options. Expert welding offers superior durability, while corrosion-resistant materials prevent unsightly weathering, making your canopy an effective promotional opportunity for your business.

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Keep your tools and equipment protected, secure and organised with a custom ute canopy. Contact us today to find out what Boss Aluminium can do for you.