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JMACX 6×6 conversion

6×6 vehicles are king of the off-road. Six-wheel-drives are utilised by militaries around the world, including the Australian Defence Force. They offer unmatched off-road capability, payload capacity and towing capability.

70 series and 200 series LandCruisers start out as capable four-wheel-drives when they roll off the dealer showroom, but combined with a 6×6 conversion, Boss Aluminium takes them to a whole new level. The system replaces the rear half of the chassis, integrating features such as heavy duty cable protection, integrated tow bar and rear winch cradle.

Through Boss, the system can also be supplied with exclusive long-range fuel tanks co-developed with Brown Davis. We also integrate electrical, brake and fuel system protective routing, which provides ease of maintenance and protection from extreme elements. Safety is a primary factor in the system’s design, incorporating seamless ABS functionality. With increased braking capability, Boss 6×6 LandCruisers can pull up shorter than standard LandCruisers.

LandCruiser 200 6×6 conversions are carried out in conjunction with our ute conversions.

Boss Aluminium and AEV have worked with JMACX Off Road Solutions on the continual development of the 6×6 system. Our engineering team have been involved in design, prototyping and manufacture. The design is always being revisited by each of the companies’ design teams, making improvements and optimisations. All JMACX 6×6 plate components are precision profile-cut from Australian Made, Bluescope steel at our Bayswater facility.

The 6×6 conversion can be engineered for registration in any state across Australia. The system is legally capable of up to 4 inches of lift above standard height, with airbag suspension and up to 35 inch tyres.

Driven through the standard transfer case, the system utilises a pass-through configuration in the second axle to drive the third axle. This arrangement connects the second and third axle via a centrifugal clutch, which locks when the second axle loses traction or locker is engaged.

Testing by JMACX has concluded that the conversion increases fuel consumption by only 1L/100km.

A key aspect of the JMACX 6×6 system is the GVM and GCM upgrade capability. Boss 6×6 vehicles are capable of GVM and GCM upgrades beyond the limits of Light Vehicle Classifications. When registered as a heavy vehicle, the full potential of the system can be ascertained.

LC70 and LC200 6x6s registered as a Light Vehicle: GVM: 4495kg GCM: 8990kg (tow up to 4495kg)

LC70 6×6 registered as a Heavy Vehicle: GVM: 6300kg GCM: 10795kg (tow up to 4495kg)

LC200 6×6 registered as a Heavy Vehicle: GVM: 6000kg GCM: 10495kg (tow up to 4495kg)

A Gross Vehicle Mass upgrade to 4495kg allows increased payload capacity, especially when equipped with Boss’ strong, yet lightweight trays and canopies. For example, an LC79 6×6 with a Boss Premium Tray has a net weight of 3500kg, which, when registered as a Light Vehicle (LV), allows for a payload capacity of 995kg.

An LC79 6×6 registered as a Heavy Vehicle (HV) can be upgraded to a GVM of 6300kg, allowing a maximum payload capacity of 2800kg when equipped with a Boss Premium Tray. An LC200 registered as a Heavy Vehicle can be upgraded to a GVM of 6000kg, therefore if equipped with a Boss Premium Tray, capable of a maximum payload capacity of 2500kg.

Payload capacities may vary depending on features and options of each individual 6×6 build.

A vehicle featuring the JMACX 6×6 system can tow the maximum allowed 4495kg, regardless of LV or HV registration.

All solutions offered by Boss Aluminium are completely customisable to individual requirements and delivered with a Lifetime Guarantee on workmanship and materials.

Standard Features

  • 6×6 rear-half chassis replacement
  • Adjustable trailing control arms & panhard
  • Heavy-duty swaybar and linkage
  • Ironman foam cell pros (2.5in⌀)
  • Heavy duty fabricated diff housings
  • Chromoly axles
  • Brake lines
  • Heavy-duty clutch
  • Brake booster upgrade
  • Available with up to 4 inches of lift
  • Portal Axle Compatible
  • Manufactured using Australian Made Bluescope steel
  • Individually fitted and engineer certified at our Bayswater facility
  • Compatible with Boss’ range of trays and canopies

Additional options

  • GVM and GCM upgrades
  • Industrial epoxy and cavity wax chassis coatings, nullifying rust.
  • Boss 6×6 long-range replacement fuel tank co-developed with Brown Davis
  • Stainless steel twin 3in exhaust
  • Airbag suspension
  • Electronic ride-height control
  • Coil helper airbags
  • Kings remote-reservoir shocks
  • Portal axles
  • Boss auxiliary fuel tank co-developed with Brown Davis
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