I want to order the Boss RT1 Roof Top Tent and 270 Awning, how long will I have to wait to get one?

We manufacture our tents and awnings to ensure we always have stock available. Tent manufacturing turn around is generally 4 weeks, please speak to our team if you have any concerns.

What is your current lead time for a tray and canopy?

Our lead times vary based on what product is ordered and the current number of orders being processed. We have heavily invested in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to increase the efficiency of our manufacturing output. Speak to our team for the most up-to-date lead times.

I have just ordered my vehicle, what happens if the lead time is shorter than when my vehicle is due?

This happens very often when customers purchase new vehicles. If possible, we ask the customer to update us with when they believe their vehicle will arrive, we will then manufacture the products based on the approximate date of delivery.

The dealer has my car waiting for me, can I get my tray/canopy faster if my vehicle is available?

Unfortunately, due to the high number of orders we receive, we serve customers based on the lead time they were given at time of deposit. We ask customers to speak with their dealers to hold the vehicle if possible as we do not offer a vehicle storage facility.

Do you build custom sized trays?

Boss Aluminium Ute trays are built to pre-specified sizes, based on the vehicle. We have spent countless hours on the research and development of our aluminium Ute trays and are confident that they offer the ultimate balance between storage space and aesthetics.

What do your Ute trays weigh?

Our standard M-Spec dual-cab trays start at 210kg. Please see weights of individual tray models within our tray brochure. You can view this here.

Will you build me a custom headboard to suit my current canopy?

Boss Aluminium tray headboards are built to accommodate and match Boss Aluminium canopies, we do not do custom designs or decals for our headboards.

Do you make steel trays?

All Boss Aluminium trays are made out of aluminium, however we do use steel for the tray mounts to maximise strength when off road.

Are the under-tray storage boxes and drawer waterproof?

All under-tray storage has been sealed with automotive grade seals, paired with our signature 3-point compression locks to ensure there is a tight seal, keeping both water and dust out of your gear.

Does a spare tyre still fit under the tray?

Our trays have been designed to still access the factory winching point to lower the spare tyre. Therefore, if your tyres fit under the tub before hand, they will still fit under the tray. The only exception is the 79 Series LandCruiser, where the spare tyre will not fit under the Boss Aluminium tray. All Boss Aluminium 79 Series trays come with a headboard spare wheel mount to accommodate the factory spare tyre.

Do you powder coat trays?

As we complete powder coating in-house, all of our Ute trays come powder coated in texture black as a standard finish. Other colour options and 2pac paint is available upon request for an additional charge.

How much do your canopies weigh?

Our 1460L M1 Canopy package weighs 163kg. Please note, this includes a roof rack, spare tyre mount and jerry can holder. Please see our canopy brochure for individual canopy weights and sizes here.

Can you build me a custom canopy?

Our canopies are build to set sizes to suit our trays. As the canopies are modular, they have been designed to be compatible with our wide range of internal and external components. We do not offer custom sizing.

Will your canopy fit my existing tray?

If the dimensions of our canopy lines up with your tray, there is no reason that you cannot fit one of our canopies to your existing tray.

Can I have my canopy powder coated?

As we have an internal powder coating facility, our canopies come powder coated texture black as a standard finish. Other powder coating or 2pac paint options are available upon request.

Can I complete the internal fitout at a later date?

Yes. Our canopies come standard with the framework required for our internal components. Speak to our sales team to organise the configuration that will best suit your needs.

How long is the warranty for trays and canopies?

As a proud Australian manufacturer, we offer a lifetime workmanship warranty for all of our products. Hardware such as latches, hinges and locks come with their own standard 12-month warranty.

How long will the canvas last on your tent and awning?

The Boss RT1 Roof Top Tent and Boss 270 Awning share the same Wax Converters Coolabah 304GSM Dynaproofed canvas. This canvas has a 5 year warranty, with the aluminium component of the products hosting our lifetime workmanship warranty. 

Do you offer finance to purchase trays & canopies?

We don’t offer finance, this is something that you will need to discuss with your bank or car dealer.

I have paid my deposit, but have decided to go another direction, can I have a refund?

All deposits taken for jobs are non-refundable as per the terms and conditions stated within the quotation and invoice.

Am I able to pay a less than a 50% deposit to have my job in the queue?

The 50% deposit is a minimum requirement before any job is processed into our production queue. Customers may pay smaller amounts over time, but only once the 50% is reached will the job enter the production queue.

Do you ship trays and canopies?

We sure do! Trays and canopies are shipped at the expense of the customer. We can only ship trays and canopies to a business address or depot where a forklift is present. Freight is insured in the event of damaged or lost goods in transit. The trays and canopies are wrapped and packaged to help prevent any damage occurring.

How long does fitting a tray and canopy take?

Fitting time varies based on the extent of the build. Usually up to 2 days for a standard fitment. If there are many accessories and wiring is needed, this could take longer.

I have other accessories I would like you to fit, can you fit these for me while you have my vehicle?

We currently only complete full vehicle builds for the 79 Series LandCruiser. In order to fit parts to the 79 Series, the part must be brand new. Alternatively, we can source the product and there will be an hourly fitting charge. 

If you have another make of vehicle, we recommend seeing a 4×4 fitting shop to get the other vehicle accessories you are after fitted.

Can I have your roof top tent shipped to my house?

Similarly to the trays and canopies, roof top tents require a forklift to be unloaded. Therefore, we can only ship these to business addresses or depots where a forklift is present.

Can I have a 12v system fitted to my canopy?

We offer a wide range of pre-set 12v packages to suit your needs. Each one of these options comes with internal canopy lighting. Speak to our sales team to discuss the best option for you.

I have an existing 12v setup in my old canopy, can you refit it into my new one?

Our fitting team will only fit our standard line of 12v packages to Boss Aluminium canopies. This way we can guarantee the condition of the brand new components we fit and warrant the wiring we complete to ensure your system is running how it should. Any existing 12v in a previous canopy will have to be fitted by the customer.

How heavy is the Boss RT1 Roof Top Tent

The Overlander package weighs 102kg, with the standard RT1 coming in at approximately 90kg.

Can I remove the rails under the tent to allow it to sit lower?

The mounting rails under the Boss RT1 are structural and are necessary for safely mounting the tent to your vehicle. Any modification to these rails will result in a void warranty.

How heavy is your awning?

The Boss 270 Awning weighs 24kg, excluding brackets.

What canvas do you use for your awning?

Both our RT1 Roof Top Tent and 270 Awning share the same Wax Converters Coolabah 304GSM Dynaproofed canvas. 100% Australian made.

Can I upgrade my GVM post registration?

Yes! JMACX GVM upgrades are also available for the 79 Series post registration. Customers interested in this option must ensure their vehicle is in a roadworthy condition with no illegal modifications in order for the engineer to approve the GVM upgrade.

What is the largest lift and tyres I can run legally with a JMACX kit?

JMACX pre registration coil conversion kits allows the 79 Series to run up to a 4″ suspension lift with 35″ tyres STREET LEGAL. Additionally, these kits include an upgraded GVM alongside the coil conversion. 

79 Series LandCruisers that have already been registered are restricted to a maximum 2″ suspension lift and 33″ tyres.

I am planning on towing, which JMACX kit allows me to upgrade my GCM and BTC?

The JMACX 4495 kit is the way to go! With an upgraded braked towing capacity (BTC) to 4000kg and upgraded gross combination mass (GCM) to 7995kg, this kit offers the ultimate transformation for your 79 Series LandCruiser. Please note, the 4495 kit will only have these upgrades if fitted pre registration.