M3 Canopy Package

The M3 Canopy consists of multiple storage options. The M-Spec T15 drawer and table system is the perfect storage solution and is ideal for food preparation or as a work station. The M-Spec half module shelving provides storage in a location that is usually difficult to utilise, ensuring you can maximise the space provided. Due to the M-Spec’s modular design, the shelves can be relocated so you can fit both large and small items on the M-Spec half module shelf.

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From 262KG

M Canopy

M3 Canopy Package:

  • M-Spec 3/4 Canopy
    • 1900W X 1460L (mm) DC*
    • 1850W X 1460L (mm) For LC79 DC
  • Modular Design
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Built To The Highest Quality
  • 1x Clearview ES-150 Plus Fridge Slide
  • 1x M-Spec D10 Fridge Slide Base
  • 1x M-Spec T15 Drawer and Table System
  • 2x M-Spec Full Module Depth Shelf
  • 1x M-Spec Jerry Can Holder
  • 1x M-Spec Low Profile Spare Wheel Mount
  • 1x Roof Rack
  • 1x M-Spec HD Folding Ladder
  • Optional Tough Black Powder Coating

M-Spec Ute Canopy Modules

M-Spec modules are what make the M-Spec Range possible. Our range includes complete modular 12v solutions, fridge slides, draws, roof racks, spare wheel carriers, jerry can holders and many more.

UHD Spare wheel mount

UHD Spare Wheel Carrier (For Full Length Canopies)

M Spec low profile spare wheel mount

Low Profile Spare Wheel Mount (For applications where wheels sit on the tray)

T Drawer and table system

T15 Drawer and Table System

T Draw System series

T10 Drawer System

Full Height Mesh Divider

Mesh Dividing Panels

D Fridge Slide Base

D10 Fridge Slide Base

Half Module Shelf

Half Module Shelf 340L x 650W (mm)

Full Module Shelf

Full Module Shelf 680L x 650W (mm)

M Spec HD Folding Ladder Boss Ranger

HD Folding Ladder

M Spec Jerry Can holder

Jerry Can Holder

L upright fridge mount

110L Upright Fridge Mount

Premium Canopy

Internal Lighting



PowerCore X

Boss PowerCore X

Power Boss Off Grid

PowerBoss X Off-Grid

Remote Central Locking

Remote Central Locking

M Spec Trade Roof Rack

Trade Roof Rack

Premium Roof Rack

Premium Roof Rack

Canopy Work lights

Work Lights

Explore x series

Explorer Pull Out Pantry