Explanation of The Different Products On Offer

Aluminium Toolboxes

Aluminium toolboxes are a great addition for trucks and utes in a range of custom and prefabricated sizes. A sturdy and weather resistant aluminium tool box should be made of the highest quality corrosion resistant durable aluminium alloy. Making them not only lightweight and strong but also extremely secure for added peace of mind


Under Body Boxes

Under Body Boxes utilize the wasted space between the chassis and the tray of a truck or ute. Insure that when purchasing that the aluminium under body boxes are strong, long lasting and are Australian made to stringent international standards

When mounting an under body box you have to  always take into account the available space, that will provide a tight fit but still allow the tray to be removed easily when needed. Aluminium under body boxes are sealed so they are perfect for storing all materials and equipment that need to be kept away from the elements.

Under Tray Drawers

Insure you have a perfect fitting system setup to maximize the available space in your under tray drawer.  Mount your under tray drawer to the tray mounting system, it provides stronger fitting drawers and still allows the tray to be taken out with maximum efficiency and minimal fuss.